ID series
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We are proud about the listing of our brand new DALI2 compact driver in the DIIA register. Having the following benefits for you:

Wide operating window: With only one type you can cover the whole range of different applications (you can reduce the number of drivers in your warehouse and can react flexible on adjusted requirements from the LED modules).

Additional cord grips: With optional cord grips you can decide per project if you want to use the driver as a „built in“ version or as a independent driver. Even the looping on the primary side is possible (as an option).

Same housing dimensions: As the housing dimensions for the switchable and the dimmable versions are the same you do not have to adjust your luminaire by using both options.

DC operation: Even the usage for emergency lighting with DC operation is possible.

All in all you can have several benefits with the new DALI2 driver. Looking forward to support you!