CUPOWER is proud to announce its new partnership with Cosmicnode
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CUPOWER announces a strategic partnership with Cosmicnode to offer highly reliable, scalable and easy-to-install wireless lighting control solutions to its clients.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Cosmicnode is a leader in providing highly reliable, low-latency, and scalable wireless mesh controls for the horticulture, buildings, office and warehouse industries.

CUPOWER will benefit from Cosmicnode’s solutions as part of its product lines, granting customers the ability to easily integrate reliable and robust wireless technology into their projects and lighting schemes. 

Cosmicnode’s innovative IoT platform allows the user to adjust the precise light spectrum of thousands of LED lamps wirelessly in real-time. A range of innovative and responsive features automatically ensure the ideal environmental conditions and optimise energy consumption – including a lighting management system, occupancy and space management, asset tracking, and integration with Building Management Systems (BMS). Cosmicnode offers various plug-n-play wireless control devices including, DALI, 0-10V, PWM controllers, and a wide variety of sensors through their partner ecosystem. This pioneering solution can replace complex and expensive wired control systems, offering the ultimate in wireless control and predictive settings.

Sharan Avati, Founder of Cosmicnode, commented: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with CUPOWER, providing our wireless lighting solutions to their clients. It is a joy to work with companies whose goals are aligned with our own, to share the solutions for smart building automation and create greener spaces. Moving on from expensive wired control systems, our wireless approach with smart predictive settings can provide a pioneering solution and offer a wealth of advantages for these industries without the need for additional software.”


Dirk Politowski, Managing Director of CUPOWER Europe commented: “Our mission is to offer high end technology with our LED lighting products to our customers. This new partnership with Cosmicnode ensures that we are closer in achieving this goal. Cosmicnode’s innovative approach combined with our products will provide huge benefits for our clients, allowing them to run their lighting system in an intelligent, sustainable and more efficient way by tracking occupancy and energy consumption.”

To find out more about Cosmicnode/CUPOWER, contact: sales@cosmicnode.com or +31652672753 

sales@cupower.com or +49 2372 568 75 70